Monday, March 29, 2010

Accidents Happen!

If any of you have ever seen the "Elmo Potty Training" video the phrase "Accidents Happen" will get a song stuck in your head. Leah, wearing just panties told me she had to go pee pee, so I sent her in as I finished up with something. Normally she just takes her panties off and climbs on the potty no problem and I go in to see that she went and wipe, get clothes back on, etc.

I hear from the bathroom. "Uh Oh! I pee pee in my panties!!!"

Sure enough she just couldnt hold it the second more that it took her to get on the potty and pee was all over the floor.

"I sowwy, Mommy. I no mean to. It was accident. I pwomise." Leah said, looking pitiful.

I responded with a "Its ok baby. Accidents Happen!" (cue song). Not that I would have gotten mad at that anyway, but it was too cute.

Later she ran in to tell Matt, "I pee pee in my panties. I sowwy. I no mean to. But its ok! Accidents Happen!" sponge...

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Lauren Morse said...

Your post made me smile and sing the "Accidents Happen" song in my head. We have watched the Elmo Potty DVD more times than I could even try to count!! I know every song. Carter's favorite is "Potty Time." He sings it in the car all the time! Gotta love Elmo :)