Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another bedtime antic

Matt and I were resting peacefully watching a movie in the den after the girls went down for the night, when we heard Leah yelling at her Daddy. "DADDY! COME IN HERE! HANNAH NO FEEL GOOD! SHE NEED MEDICINE!"

This continued for a while. Of course Hannah was quiet at the moment which we try not to disturb and we knew if we did not stop Leah's yelling Hannah would start crying "Leah's talking to me!". So after a few minutes Matt reluctantly went in to see what Leah was talking about.

M: What is wrong Leah?
L: Hannah no feel good. She need medicine.
M: Ok, Hannah? Whats wrong?
H: I no feel good.
M: What hurts?
H: I no feel good. I need medicine.
M: Well does something hurt?
H: I need medicine. I no feel good.
L: I no feel good too!!! I need medicine!!!!

At which point I watch Matt walk helplessly into the kitchen.

M: What are we raising?!
Me: What are you doing?
M: Getting some medicine. Ill just give them a drop. They wont hush about it! And nothing is wrong!

he proceeds with a little motrin on a spoon, gives it to the girls, and they are magically better. Hey I am not saying this is the right course of action, but they were supposed to have been asleep 2 hours before. sometimes you pick your battles...

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