Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I pooped in La La's room!"

We have been potty training and honestly the girls have done very well. We are mainly working on peeing and we will just go from there. Leah loves her panties. Hannah would rather be free from anything. But if she had a choice, she wants a diaper. Once she has the diaper on, she starts pulling it and trying to take it off because it "hurts her". So she says.

The girls like to wander downstairs to see LaLa (my sister Laura). They go down on their bottoms so dont worry that I just let them go up and down without watching or anything. Matt and I have been sick the last few days and we stayed home from work Monday. My sister was at the beach. Hannah was in rare form probably because she knew we were sick and thats a perfect opportunity to throw fits every 5 seconds. (of course she is just an angel %99 of the time and never acts like she is a two year old) ;) Hannah said she wanted to go downstairs to play, so I let her. 2 minutes later she walks up the stairs, diaper and pants have been discarded and there is runny poop in her hands and down her legs (sorry for the graphics). Straight to the bath she went - and you know she had just gotten a bath 30 minutes prior to this.

Matt went down the stairs to search for the remaining mess and the discarded diaper and pants.

After the fiasco was cleaned up, Hannah came into the living room and meekly said "I pooped."
"Yes, Hannah. You did. We dont do that without a diaper on."
"I pooped in LaLas room."
At which point I looked at Matt. "Matt? Hannah says she pooped in Lalas room. Did you get all that?"
Without a word he just went back downstairs and I heard a mild groan.
Apparenly he had found the diaper but Hannah had closed the door to my sisters room. And it was everywhere. I guess Matt had hoped Hannah had brought most of it with her.

That would have been a nice homecoming gift for my sister had Hannah not told us of her accident. I guess we should be thankful

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Alexis Ceule said...

OMG! Been there... done that. You'll sooner than later about it. LOL!