Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Dear Pregnant Self"

This is an assignment from the Multiples Blog Network I thought was cute

Dear pregnant self, Allyson @ 33 Weeks

I know you just found out you are expecting twins. You are scared and nervous and super excited about what is to come. You cannot believe you are among the percentage that had spontaneous twins but here you are!
TWINS! - Week 6Leah Nicole McCayLeah Nicole McCayHannah's Profile

The next few months you are going to feel so loved by your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers as you and your babies are showered with gifts and offers of help. Your husband is going to be so supportive, and any fears you may have, he shares. And as much as you love those babies growing inside you, it cannot begin to compare to the love that you will feel when you see them for the first time.

CakeAll the GirlsAll the giftsOpening Gifts

You will have girls, and you will be more thrilled than you can imagine. They are different in every way and from the minute they are born they will light up your life. Having twin infants is not easy. You will have sleepless nights, and will walk around in a daze for months, but you get through it. They will sleep through the night! And the first time that happens you will be amazed that they have already gotten old enough to do that. Time goes by so fast. Your favorite memories of that phase of their life will be your "snuggle time" with them. Once Daddy has left for work for the day and they have had their morning feeding, they both lay on each side of you and snuggle up close while all three of you get a good 3-4 hours more of sleep. It gets you through the sleepless night and makes for some wonderful bonding time.

Hannah Marie and Leah Nicole>Allyson gets to hold LeahAll smiles!Smiles from the girlsHannah Says War Eagle!

Every day they grow they become more expressive, articulate, and fun. Their interaction together is sometimes hysterical and the girls love for each other shows even when they fight. You will be so proud to be their Mommy.

IMG_2611.JPGThrough the eyes of a child.IMG_2713.JPGIMG_2753.JPGIMG_3818.JPGIMG_3951.JPGIMG_3907.JPG

You will watch them become beautiful little girls who love their family and take care of each other. And they are so smart you will find yourself just shaking your head at their newest comment. They will light up your life and you will only remember those crazy early days with a smile.


The pregnancy sickness will pass. The bedrest will end. Leah will heal from her broken arm she gets at birth and Hannah will get over her reflux. Your hormones will settle and you will stop crying, the girls will sleep, and so will you. You will get past the scheduled feedings, you will get your body back, and enjoy outings again. Even when they are no longer babies they will still snuggle. Your love for them will grow every second.

Enjoy this new adventure you are about to be on and remember everything because it all goes by in a blur.
You - 3 years later.


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