Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A good mommy

Leah got a splinter in her toe that was pretty bad. She said it hurt and wanted it covered with a sock (because then it would feel better). After her bath I had to take this thing on and Leah was not having it.

Blood curdling screams is what I got, with her screaming "Dont cut it off! Dont cut it with the scissors! Cover it with sock!". Ok first of all I had TWEEZERS but thanks for that disturbing image.

I was laying on her holding her legs down and still couldnt keep her darn foot still. She was causing such a commotion my sister came upstairs to calm her. Of course she was trying to love on her when I really needed her to help me hold the foot.

I eventually got it out, miraculously I may add, and Leah was too mad at me to let me comfort her. She chose LaLa instead - the one without the "scissors".

Finally she came back over to me. I said "Look Leah! Your boo boo is gone!"

She hesitantly peered down at her foot and saw that indeed, there was no more boo boo.

"You fixed it Mommy! You made it all better! You take gooooood care of me." and gave me a big hug.

That made me feel better instantly about the near torture experience. Always good when your child forgives you.

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