Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ever appeasing child.

We can get Leah to do almost anything by saying "Don't make mommmy sad" and she will immediately stop whatever act she wasnt supposed to be doing and ask "You happy now?" very sweetly.

Hannah is opposite. She is very strong willed and if she doesnt want to do something nothing will convince her.

Matt went in their room the other night after they were supposed to be sleeping because Hannah was upset. Hannah, being ever picky about clothes, wanted to wear the pants Leah had on and had taken her own pants off. To save a fight at 10pm, Matt asked our normally giving child if she would switch pants with Hannah.

She said "nope".

Hannah then said "Leah, you make me sad."

Leah then said "I want Hannah be happy" and started taking her pants off.

Normally we would not condone this but at 10pm Matt went ahead and switched the girls pants and they settled down. It avoided a tantrum.

Poor Leah. She's just too giving.

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