Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy things we overhear

One of my favorite things is to listen to the girls talk to each other or themselves when they dont necessarily know I am listening. Their interaction is hilarious. These are some of the things we heard just yesterday.

Leah to Hannah discussing breakfast options:
I sorry Hannah. We no have big fruit loops. Only little bitty ones! I sorry. (we only had fruity cheerios)

Leah after eating a bowl of cereal and two scrambled eggs leans back in her chair, put her hands on her belly and goes "Ooooh I'm stuffed!

Conversation between the girls: Hannah was pushing an empty swing and it came back on her and bumped her in the face. Leah immediately stopped what she was doing, walks over to Hannah and says "Im going to spank that swing!". She spanks it and Hannah goes "Pop the other one!" "I promise I popped it" says Leah. Hannah walks over to the other swing and SCREAMS "NO swing! Ill pop your bottom harder!"

A play date was scheduled with a 2 year old neighbor and the little girl threw up right before the girls were supposed to come over. Play date cancelled. The girls saw her mom outside later in the afternoon and started discussing this "throwing up" incident they had heard talked about but didnt understand completely.
"Ava in trouble. She throwed on couch." said Hannah. "No it was an accident. She's not feeling good." my sister explained. Leah chimed in "It's ok! She's not in trouble Hannah, I promise!"

Leah, talking about Lauras Bubble gum - which they have been told they are too young for gum:
"Lala has gums. I too young for gums. When I get big I have some gums."

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