Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A very merry UN birthday!

Last night Matt had to go into the girls room because someone was obviously out of bed. He found Leah standing by her bed, which Hannah now occupied, moping. "Hannah's in my bed" she said, lower lip out. Matt corrected that situation and got each child in the correct bed.

Leahs lower lip was still stuck in pout mode.

"Whats wrong, Leah?" he asked.
"Hannah said I no get a birthday cake or candles or big fire and get to go Whhhoooooooosh" Leah said quietly, simulating the mouth position and sound made by a child blowing out candles
"Honey, you know you will get those things on your birthday. Dont worry about that right now"
"I get a Mickey cake?" (sure), "And Mickey Candles?" (yeah, ok?), "and big fire where I can go Whooooooosh?"
"Yes baby, all those things. Now go to sleep ok?" And with that Matt tucked her back in and walked out of the room.

And Matts heart broke a little with his poor traumatized 2 year old who was not going to get birthday cake in 6 months. And then we settled back down to watch 24. When we heard someone out of bed again...

Matt went back in. Leah now had her head in her arms laying on the ottoman. Still just talking quietly about her birthday cake.

"Leah, what is wrong? You need to go to sleep" Matt asked again.
"I no get a birthday cake and candles" she repeated, softly and sadly.
"Its otay Leah! Come eer. comeer Leah baby." Hannah chimed in (as if she didnt start this in the first place).
Leah walked over to her sisters bed and laid down on Hannah where Hannah could hold her and pat her back.
"Its otay Leah. You get burday tate. (pat pat pat) Its otay" Hannah said.
Leah perked up. "Thats my sissy! I love my sissy".

Ok all is well between the sisters. Everyone went back to bed.

Back to 24.

Then we heard the nursery door attempting to be opened. Matt went back in. Leah was now moping in her rocking chair. About the cake. Good grief.

I think Matt went in one more time and they finally fell asleep.

This morning Leah woke up singing happy birthday to herself (last I had heard last night was that today was to be Dolly's birthday). Leah was still upset about not getting a cake. I guess Ill get one? I think that Hannah has helped in this delusion. They have now told my sister Mommy is going to get a cake, and Daddy is going to bring home presents. and they want a red and blue cake - though Hannah told Leah she cant like red. Leah even picked up a random cardstock from the mail and said it was her birthday card.

I suppose we will have a little unbirthday celebration tonight. Leah is honestly depressed in a 2 year old fashion at the idea of not having a birthday cake on her birthday, which she has deemed today - not October 3rd.

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