Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spank those stairs!

(story from my sister)
The girls were waiting for us to come home from work so we could go to dinner. They like to wait at the front door and watch. Laura was downstairs listening to them. Leah walks downstairs.
"I broke my arm, Lala"
Laura: "oh you did. How did that happen?"
Leah:"I fell down the stairs and broke my arm"
(note -I just broke my foot stepping off the stairs so they have been running with this-she didn't even fall).
Hannah (chiming in): "let's go spank that mean stair!"

They proceeded to the stairs and adequately spanked them. "bad stairs! Don't hurt Leah! Ever ever!"
Leah; "not that stair! THAT stair!"
And they moved on to another until they were satisfied.

Can you guess how we make them feel better if they are hurt? We have spanked many inanimate objects...

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