Friday, May 7, 2010

IJump adventure

I took the girls to IJump the other day for a fun filled outing with Mommy and Lala. It is a place filled with inflatables and if you go on a Wednesday afternoon its not too crowded.

The girls love jumping on "jumpolines"

Matt and I have been doing Insanity workout (for a while 3 days at that point) and it is just as the name describes. Insane. It is only a 30 minute workout, but think football drills where they are up and down and jumping so much they end up throwing up. It hurts. And I was very sore for our IJump day. I couldnt go up or down a step. Heck I cant even sit on the toilet without holding onto the darn door handle. (TMI, I know).

Anyway, Ijump has one inflatable that Hannah said she wanted to go in. But the entrance is about 3 feet off the ground and once in, you go up this steppy ladder thing and down a slide and then disappear into this maze type obstacle course. So I would have to go in with Hannah or she'd be lost forever.

I tried to lift myself in with my arms, but my arms wouldnt work. I was a little too short to pull myself in. So I tried to finagle a position that would get me in the contraption and not kill my aching muscles in the process.

As I hiked one leg up... higher than I could really do obviously, I heard a RIIIIIIIPPPP. Hannah had been waiting inside the entire time, and now I was in. What ripped? I looked down and my capris (my fav that I have had about 5 years and obviously had been washed 1 too many times) now had a tear in them from the crotch to mid thigh. And I had on zebra undies which I could very much see. Great. We were only 30 minutes into our 2 hour open play time.

Out Hannah and I went as soon as the coast was clear so I could find my sister and think of a solution. She went to find some safety pins at the front desk (who got a good laugh I think). My sis came back with a stapler. oookkk.

So I went to the bathroom, where Hannah followed, to attempt to salvage what was left of these pants at least for the duration of the trip. And of course a lady went in to the bathroom right before us.

I locked Hannah and I up in a stall and pulled down my poor pants to try to make some sort of inseam with staples. Hannah in the mean time is yelling "what you doing Mommy? You need to take off your panties! Dont pee pee in your panties!" (I was sitting on the toilet for support and Yes the lady is still in there hearing all this along with the staples. Who knows what she thought).

I made due with what I had and though you could see a bunch of metal from the front it relatively worked; Albeit uncomfortable. I no longer went up any ladders or tried to climb into any jumpers but the girls had a blast for the rest of the time.

Oh and they finally did get to go through the Maze/Obstacle course one with my sister, who got stuck in there and had a hard time taking 2 toddlers through it. I had to reach over the wall at the end and get the girls because Lala could not get them up the huge "rockwall" ladder to go down the slide. It was funny to watch at least.

Its always an adventure taking kids out.

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Your girls are so cute!