Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner with Cinderella

One of the highlights of our trip was the Cinderella dinner. Leah was especially excited and dressed up in her cinderellla dress and let me do her hair Up like Cinderella (ok in a ponytail). They were adorable.
I attempted to get the girls to eat but as soon as they saw Cinderella they were in awe. They were practically jumping out of the chairs to go give everyone a hug. Anastasia and Drizella were the best. They got down on the floor with them. Cinderella did not. I think characters should be told that if kids are knee High they need to kneel for pictures. The stepsisters got it!


When Prince Charming came around, the girls shied up and hid away from him. About 20 minutes after he had left, Leah whispered to me "I wanna take a picture with the prince. I won't be shy this time. I promise.". She had been dwelling over her missed opportunity. The waiter brought Charming back and though I had to be with her, leah was happy to take the picture.

they still talk about that dinner. I would call that a success

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