Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mary Poppins And Alice

First day at animal kingdom we went straight to the dumbo ride and the carousel and the irks were suddenly in love with Disney world. And as we were thinking they couldn't have any more fun than riding on horses just like Mary Poppins rode, we turned around and there she was in person. Mary Poppins! Both girls love Mary Poppins. They even say "rum punch!" whenever they taste something yummy. They were in heaven. A little shy, but happy to give hugs and pose for a picture,

Leah said "I just can't believe it! She was so nice! I just can't believe it!!"

Success! And high hopes for the rest of the photo ops! And not 10 minutes later the girls spotted Alice. Another favorite of theirs,And this time they knew exactly what to do. They wanted to pet the bunny but when they got up to them they were a little scared. Alice and the white rabbit made it work though!

The morning was a success. The rest of the day not so much. It was a hot day and the girls got too tired. We had the kids laying in the middle of the path screaming that people had to step over. Yup. Totally us. They didn't want in the stroller and they didn't want to walk and we couldn't carry them. We of course were on the other side of the park. We could not leave fast enough. Matt walked out bleeding on his arm because of Leah. But the day started good, And thankfully after a nap they girls calmed down and were pretty much happy the rest of the trip.

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