Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disney world 2010 - getting there.

We had the wonderful opportunity to tak ethe girls to Disney world this year. The girls had been talking about this trip since it was booked in January or so. But they didnt realize the car ride would take so long... We did split it up and for a lirttle bit they did great. Actually, Leah was an angel the entire time. Hannah kept screaming she wasnt comfortable and her back was hurting and that she didnt want to be stuck anymore. They were excited to just be out of the car when we finally arrived at the hotel. So were we.

There were 11 of us in our crew: five under 5 years old. Unlike our last disney trip, we had great (but hot) weather and little to no lines for pretty much anything. And we made the most of the trip.

We stayed at Wilderness Lodge which is a great resort. The girls loved the pool of course. First day there they jumped in the baby pool clothes and all. What the heck - its vacation! Here are some videos of the girls swimming.

The first night there we went to Downtown Disney and the the girls rode their favorite ride - the "sarocel". We call it a carousel. The one in Magic Kingdom won them over and that became their obsession.

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