Thursday, August 2, 2007

Money Well Spent

Allyson has already posted that we had our 4D ultrasound (my friend Ben hates that it is called this, he says by this thinking then the regular ultrasound should be called 3D since it is in real time as well...oh well), so I will not say much about it, but it was totally awesome and well worth the money. The only downside I think is it makes you want them to be here, so you can see and hold them.

I am posting two videos, one is Hannah and one is Leah. Since you pay for the ultrasound you actually get a lot of video...we got right at an hour, so I did my best to shave it down, but hey we are first time parents and it is hard to take out video. So, please fast-forward if you want, else the Leah video is 11 minutes and the Hannah video is 20. Of note, no we are not showing favoritism already, Hannah was not cooperating so we had to try the most with her to get a good image, which produced some pretty good video, but we never really got her 100% focused. I am also posting a few extra images, you can check them all out at our flickr account.


Hannah Marie 4D Ultrasound from matthewmccay and Vimeo.

Leah Nicole 4D Ultrasound from matthewmccay and Vimeo.


Hannah's Profile Leah Smiling

(Hannah on left -- Leah on right)