Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paper, Mommy! Paper!

Tuesday night our little family went over to our friends house for dinner. Our friends, Zack and Bragan have a little girl named Grier who is almost exactly the same age as my girls.

We sat down for dinner and of course the girls got done quickly in anticipation of playing again, so they went to the playroom while the adults talked at the table. Soon, Hannah came up to me and grabbed my hand, trying to pull me out of the chair so I would come with her.

"No Hannah, Mommy is talking to the adults. I will come play in a little bit. Go play with Leah and Grier now." I said. She looked concerned but scampered off, only to return about a minute later grabbing my hand again.

"Hannah. Mommy will come in a minute. Just wait ok?"

I figured she would give up by then, but she grabbed Zacks hand and tried to get him up out of the chair.

"Paper, Mommy! Paper!" Hannah told me. Paper? What does she mean?

"Grier grades my papers sometimes" Zack chimes in, and Hannahs concern is lost as she runs away again to go play.

A few minutes later she returns and says "Paper" again. This time I let her lead me to the playroom. The bathroom is right across from it...

There I found Leah and Grier... Toilet paper everywhere. Wet toilet paper. And they were wet too. The toilet was filled and obviously stopped up. And the two little blondes seemed quite pleased with themselves. Well, Hannah tried to tell us!



I won't go into the fact that they were trying to wipe their mouths with the wet paper either...

Hannah of course was completely dry and away from the scene. I do not believe she actually was telling on her sister and friend to get them in trouble. I think the paper being all over the ground and not being where it should be actually messed with her world and she wanted it fixed.

Later we were in the den and the girls were playing in the playroom. Hannah came out and got me again in the same manner. This time I went where she wanted me to go. I found this.


Grier had gotten into all the diapers and spread them around. Despite Grier's evil eyes, I do not think Leah was innocent in this. Hannah quickly went in and tried to put all the diapers back in the bag...


Figert said...

That's a great story!!

natalie said...

LOL! My toddler gets upset if a chair tips over, etc... it does mess with how things should be! :)

Ole said...

LOL! children can be so funny, even if they don't try! greetings

Beth Gregory said...

HA HA HA! They are hysterical! So glad you are Blogging all this and will have lots of evidence when they get older!

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