Friday, January 15, 2010

Toddler bed mischief 2

Apparently certain things start a lot younger than I ever would have imagined. I remember being out in the hall where my sister and my bedroom met playing games, and at the slightest sound that a parent may be coming to catch us we would bolt to the beds and pretend to be asleep.

This happened the other day. I told the girls to take a nap and soon after I shut the door they start talking. At one point I heard Leah say she got sad spoon (which was placed on the changing table so I knew she had gotten up.) If you dont know what sad spoon is then dont worry about it. If you know and disagree with it, oh well, and if you know and approve than you must have toddlers too!

Anyway, I walked in there ready to fuss and as soon as that door opened Leah hightailed it to her bed and covered up. I had to laugh. Hannah however, is sitting in the middle of the floor with all her books scattered around her looking at me as if to say "what? Im not moving!".

After the 3rd or 4th time of going in there they finally took a good nap. It actually gave me a 3 hour midday break becase they played for two before finally sleeping for one.

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Lauren Morse said...

LOVE the comment about the sad spoon. Made me laugh!