Friday, January 15, 2010

Toddler bed mischief 3

I'm at work Monday and I get the following text from my nanny (Amy) at naptime:

Both girls are in big trouble with me right now.
I put them down for naps and I was letting them talk and I then kept hearing them jump on their beds, so I went in to tell them to stop since I know those beds would break.
Then I would hear them talk again and suddenly hear a loud boom and go check on them again.
(*sidenote - that boom she heard was Leah hitting her feet on the wall but Amy didnt know that).
I did that 5 times before I heard one of them yell. They had fallen behind their little princess bookshelf knocking it over and pulling the shade all the way to the ground and now it wont go back up. All the books were everywhere. All the drawers to the changing table were open and everything was out of them. I had already told them not to open those drawers so they both went to time out while I cleaned up. Then I sat in there while they went to sleep and I told them no more talking

So I guess they are still getting out of their beds at naptime??

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