Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wehad a fantastic Christmas this year. It is always wonderful to have some time off to spend with family. Of course, it is a busy time as well. Despite Matt being out of town 2 weeks in December, everything finally came together. We did things a little different this year so that we could spend Christmas day at home. So Christmas Eve night we went to my parents and enjoyed a fabulous dinner and opened all their gifts. The girls got their first tricycle (which Mommy and Daddy had to put together).
We waited for Santa to come by on his Firetruck, but it was relatively stormy out and somehow he skipped us. We could hear him all around us, but never saw him. We won't miss him next year!
my mom has a thing for black labs - apparently so does Hannah...
Coloring with Nina
Playing with the pig Nina got her

Christmas Eve when we got back home the elves had a lot of work to do, from what we heard. But finally Santa delivered their new princess toddler beds, an art easel, and a huge train table. Santa and his elves were very busy that night and very tired... I can only imagine.
After Santa Came...

Christmas morning we got things started around 10, which is when the girls finally woke up. Leah was determined that Santa was not coming, but the reindeer could bring her presents. Hannah was just fine with Santa bringing her gifts. But this year was wonderful because the look of awe and excitement when they came out was just priceless. They ran first to the train table. Then they discovered their new beds and actually gave us a good 30 minutes of post Christmas morning clean up time as they laid in them. Matt and I have decided though that IF we get each other anything for Christmas next year we will open those gifts Christmas night because through the chaos of the kids I didnt even know when he was opening anything!
Christmas morning video clip

Santas so good to bring Leah a new phone
Dandy, I thought those were the girls' sheeps!
Hannah, laying in her bed in the middle of the dining room
Girls enjoying their beds in the living room
Hannah loves getting clothes for gifts! She will wear them immediately!
Hannah and Baby Colin
After Leah saw everything Santa brought, she was very happy to give him the credit which was a step in the right direction!

After naps we went to Matts parents and had dinner with Jason and Katy and the boys. Again, everyone did too much and it was a completely crazy present opening experience but great also. I really enjoyed seeing the girls this year since they actually understood the whole present thing.

Christmas night was the first night in the toddler beds, which is a whole other story. But we had a great Christmas, made all the better by the innocence and excitement from my precious little girls.