Friday, January 15, 2010

Toddler bed mischief 1

Things were going well for a few weeks. Then the other day Amy, my nanny said she got the girls up from their nap and found baby wipes spread out all over the room. I guess she did not turn on the light, because my sister got home a little before me and found vaseline was actually all over the room.

Well, when I got home I went in the nursery to investigate. Amy had picked up the wipes, but the girls were grease monkeys. Upon further scrutiny, the rocking chair in their room was covered with vaseline, along with their bedding, the floor, the ottoman, and the walls.

"Leah! What did yall do!?" I asked
"We put medicine on baby's face! It got on chair - but we clean it!" was her reply. Well that explained the baby wipes. I guess the baby's face was chapped like theirs is and vaseline was the key.

I finally found said baby, whose face was completely covered in the gooey mess. I stripped the bedding and started scrubbing the chair and walls. Not easy to get up, lemme tell you. And for the record, it took 3 separate baths to finally get the stuff out of the girls hair.

And so begins the naptime mischief.