Sunday, January 17, 2010

Increasing vocabulary

I am always amazed at how children pick up their language. From the word usage, to the tone in their voice they really mimic what you say - and yes I have learned to be VERY careful.

But it is funny that kids pick up the same phrases. For example. Most of the time the girls say "hold you!" when they want me to pick them up. I have heard that from other kids as well.

I love how right now Hannah always makes a list of things on her agenda, and her words go up in pitch as each thing is listed... Read a bo-ok, Take a na-aap, play with play -doh. She is very matter of fact about things that will happen - even if I disagree.

The girls also always want two of anything I give them - treat oriented. But they always say "I want Bofe of dem". Both of them? How do you know I have two? Anyway, its clever.

A few days ago I was making a huge cake for a baby shower and I had the chocolate monstrosity up on the counter while the girls drooled over it. And I actually expected them to eat their dinner...

I told Leah she had to eat her Fetuccini and I heard her say "But I want that Instead!"

Instead. Thats an odd word to pick up at this age.

She also used the word "Though" properly, of course in regards to food.

Im proud of my little talkers, but they grow up so fast.

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