Friday, January 15, 2010

New Toddler beds part 1

We bit the bullet and asked Santa to bring toddler beds for Christmas. We decided it was time for them to be out of the cribs (Leah was climbing out) and share a room again. The bedtime crying had not stopped and I was beginning to think it would never end. Hannah just always pitched a fit after I walked out of the room even though she was fine with going to bed. Leah we just never knew what we would get night to night. Some nights she was fine, others she screamed.
What we did know was that they had started being really upset about leaving each other each night.

Because Hannahs crib had been in the playroom, which was never intended to be a bedroom, both beds went back into the nursery so there was little distraction. They got to take a nap together on their new beds Christmas day, and did finally fall asleep. I had been worried they would just get out and go cry at the door, but they didnt even try. The first night they really did great! The nightime routine seemed a little extensive but it was new so therefore ok. But the girls stayed in their beds all night and slept until 9:15am! Fantastic. Leah had even talked Hannah out of crying that night. I could hear her in there telling Hannah "No crying! We go see Mimi and Dandy tomorrow! Play with toys!" and it worked.

The next night Hannah cried a little but it was still better overall. The bedtime routine had changed and she cannot handle change. (Yes I still think she is a little OCD). So I think she struggled with the new storytime scenario, having to share Mommy with Leah and all.

The next night we were back to the screaming. Oh well. At least we didnt get any worse and they were staying in the beds...

The new big girl room - Mommy and Daddy both had a moment while breaking down the cribs. Very sad. Cant you see the real cell phones just sitting on thaat table in about 15 years? :)

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