Friday, December 11, 2009

Portrait Innovations

I have wanted professional pictures done of the girls for a long time. We know a photographer who is AMAZING (plug) but we have not been able to get together with him. So for Christmas I decided I really wanted JUST ONE picture of the girls... together... smiling.

So I convinced Matt to accompany me and the girls to Portrait Innovations, where they sell the whole "no sitting fee - one pose package for 10 dollars" bit. And that is awesome. But I havent had any pictures done of the girls, so I couldnt choose just one. Still walked away with only 4 poses so thats not bad. I could have done some damage.

I must say they did a great job. The girls behaved well and the photographer helper people were great with kids! Leah was belly laughing, she thought they were hysterical. Hannah on the other hand, as usual, was a little more reserved. She would look at them like "Ok, I know my sister thinks you are funny, but you havent won me over just yet." They finally got some good smiles out of her.

We did some cute Christmas poses and we also went ahead and did some 2 year pictures, with the so cliche little blocks. Yes, I know they are 2 months more than the 2 year mark but oh well. I now wish I had taken them when they were one. Oh well.

This is a preview of what we got. Of course these are just the proofs, so I cannot do a thing with these since the quality is not any good, unless I take them back to the store. And please visit our flickr site if you want to see more at










Its amazing to me how different they are in personality and looks.


The Knightens said...

They did so good! (the girls and P.I)

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^