Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The girls are really into "snuggling" now. Its adorable because they will run up to me and say "I love you, Mommy. I LOVE to snuggle". So now that is our evening routine. One day this is going to fade and they wont want to snuggle with Mommy anymore but right now I will treasure this. Only problem is when it is time to go to bed they (mainly Leah) adamently screams that she still wants to SNUGGLE WITH MOMMY.

Last night I made the mistake of letting Leah snuggle with me in our bed. She has been waking up crying, saying "Im sceeeerred (scared)". Normally we do not go in there, even though that seems cruel, but sure enough the minute one of us goes to the rescue with either girl, said child is now perfectly happy, awake, and wants to play. Then upon returning to their beds the crying starts all over and we may as well have not had gone in there.

Well I went against better judgement and last night I went and got Leah when she woke up after giving her 30 minutes to try to cry herself back to sleep. Of course when I got her, all was well with the world, but she didnt want to go back to bed. I was tired so I thought maybe she could lay with us for a while and she would go to sleep and I would return her to her bed. HA. She talked nonstop while in the bed in between us. I couldnt rest and neither could Matt. I really thought she would settle down at some point but at 2am, I gave up. I do not know how many times she stated "I snuggling, I snuggling with Mommy!" as her little body would inch closer and closer to me to where I was almost off the bed. Adorable, but not so much at 2am when she was for some reason wired. So, much to her dismay she returned to her crib, screaming the whole time "I WANT TO SNUGGLE". Tug at the heart strings much? I had to talk to her through the monitor but we all did eventually fall asleep. So much for that.

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