Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Poor Leah has an irrational fear of Santa this year. We went to a birthday party last week and there was a gift bag with Santas picture on it. Leah saw it and lost her mind, and woke up with nightmares that night. Then a few days later my sister was babysitting and Santa came on TV in a commercial and my sis had a "siamese twin" as she put it. Again, nightmares that night. In fact, Leah has not been herself since then. Very clingy, wont go to sleep easily, wont stay asleep. Not sure what to make of it. Anyway I am thinking of skipping the Santa picture this year - not because I just dont think I will get a good one but because of actually traumatizing my child. She seems ok with tiny Santas, and when she is in a good mood he doesnt bother her as much. Either way, I think I should play it safe.

And then I found this picture from last year on one of our attempts at a good Santa picture and I am thinking this may not be a new fear. Maybe I started this last year!!!



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