Thursday, December 4, 2008

A visit to Santa

I dressed the girls extra adorably today in their Christmas dresses and we tracked to the mall to see Santa. I was worried about Hannah and how she would react around Santa since she is a little more apprehensive around strangers. We get up to Santas little chair area and I let Hannah investigate things a little bit. We FINALLY put them next to Santa, (who was very nice by the way - at the Galleria) and Hannah sat there very nicely. Leah... not so much. She would not let me leave her at all. Santa tried getting behind the chair, on the floor in front of the girls... nothing appeased her. So we decided to try again later. Santa Vs. Twins - Round 1: GOES TO THE TWINS
I had wanted to try to get some pictures at Sears, which I will NEVER do again. I have 2 14 month olds. How much patience do you think they have??? We got there and they were in pretty good moods. I really wanted to get one of them together. Hannah just wanted to walk everywhere unfortunately so she was not very cooperative. We got some cute ones of Leah though! None of them together. Of course.

But here is my issue that I had with the portrait studio at Sears. There was ONE associate working. ONE. So when we were all in the back room trying to take pictures of 2 impatient toddlers, she had to keep leaving to answer the phone, take care of other customers, etc. She left sometimes for 15 minutes. I actually took a few pictures myself with their camera while she was gone. And its not like the associate did much honestly. She just set up the backdrop, stood behind the stationary camera and pushed a button. I was the one breaking a sweat finding props or entertaining the girls. Finally she left again for another 20 minutes at which point the girls lost it. They were done. I think we got about 5 pictures that were decent. Well, THEN she took time to tell me about the overpriced packages. I ended up getting 3 8x10s that Matt may be able to scan into the computer and we can use later, but they wont even be ready until the 16th. I did get a website that has the blurry proofs so I can at least give you some of the pictures to look at. I was hoping to get a Christmas card made but it will have to be of something else it would seem. Ugh. Anyway, we got a few cute ones, so here ya go!