Sunday, December 21, 2008

A cute Leah moment

Leah is loving to give hugs lately. I love her loving this. If I say, "can I have a hug?" she will reach her arms around me and lay her head on my shoulder and give me a real hug. Ahh

So we were at the orthopedic doctor on Thursday and they were really decorated for Christmas. There were Santa's everywhere. She was enthralled with all of them. At the front desk, as I was checking out, she saw the 4 foot plastic Santa next to us and kept reaching for him. So I let her "pat him gently". Then she was reaching ALL the way to him and I realized she was wanting to give him a hug! She put her little arms around Santa and laid her head on his beard for a good little while. I laughed and asked if she was hugging Santa and her reply was "Ho Ho Hooooooo". The waiting room was hysterical. Then of course the hugging continued about 10 times.

Seriously, why could she not have done that with the REAL Santa??? :)

On the way home I was recapping the moment with some of the family and everytime I said Santa I heard a little "Ho Ho Hoooo" from the back. Gotta love it.