Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leah is walking!

A late walker, yes, but she is walking none the less!

She has been teetering with the idea for a little while now, but she has finally decided to show some initiative and work on this skill. She had been taking a few steps, and then falling and crawling the rest of the way.

Today she walked across the living room and dining room, and is really walking most places now. She is very stiff and not so confident at it, and when she falls she may or may not get up again and try walking. But she is definitely walking!

I did get video of it, and it is on the same video mini dvd as Hannah's walking video a few months ago, but the dvd has to be out of time and finalized before I can pull anything off of it. We have now used the end of the disc so maybe Matt will get some videos accessible for me. We shall see.

So Yay for my little Leah. In two weeks she will be chasing after her sister and I will be after them both :)

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Sara said...

Way to go Leah! Now when we get all five kids together again there will be no stopping any of them!!!