Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas time has come and gone

But what a wonderful time it was...

I am a little behind in my postings so this will just have to be a recap. All I can say is we have a very generous family and enjoyed the time that we got to hang out with everyone. There were several family get-togethers and lots of great food!

This year was so different than last year. The girls were involved in the present opening (even if they like bows and boxes more than presents), ate at the family dinner table, and ran around the houses. This year they were able to play with their cousins, and read books with the great grandparents. Last year they sat in their little bouncy chairs or napped, while Matt and I - still somewhat sleep deprived - enjoyed our Christmas in a tired state. Ah memories... This Christmas night we went to Matt's parents for dinner and gifts with all 4 kids and the mass chaos was wonderful. Definitely different.

The girls seemed to really enjoy Christmas morning. Though they didnt "get it" they were excited with all their new toys. Santa brought them a kitchen and a climber and both seem to be a big hit. Now toys have infiltrated almost every room of the house - including the dining room :)

It was a very enjoyable time and it is a little bittersweet that it is over. The tree is down and decorations are packed up. Now how do I get Leah to STOP saying "ho ho ho?" :)

Hannah getting another stocking surprise

Leah and her new "Vwooom" (Vacuum)

Playing in the kitchen


Reading a book with Papa

Goofball sitting in a box

What else can I say?