Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a typical week for us McCays :)

This was one of those weeks. Aside from the obvious that I am ready for Christmas, and with that, a little break, this past week was so hectic. One of those weeks that you just want to get over with.

I am sitting here writing this as I think of all I need to do to get ready for the week to come (the usual million things going through a working mommys mind) but thankful it is a new week, and Christmas week!!

Last monday started it off. I had to get a new phone since I dropped mine and it was officially unrepairable. Also, the dogs were WAY overdue on their shots and needed baths so Matt dropped them off at the vets on his way to work so they could get bathed. I had to be there at one for the actual appointment. Well my van battery was dead (again) because I seem to have a problem with leaving cabin lights on. So I had to jump the van off, which left me no time to get the phone, so I just went to get the dogs. When I got home I took Hannah with me to get my new phone and we shopped a little bit.

So, when I got home for the evening, my sister says that Abby (beagle) was acting strange and her stomach was hard. I confirmed this and called the vet and had to take her in emergently to rule out an allergic reaction to the shots. Apparently she had gotten into a LOT of water (toilet???) and just drank too much. Of course. I am glad all was ok but still... Water?

Anyway tues and wednesday I did not see the girls at all because of work. Thurs I had to drive downtown 3 separate times. I went to work early for a meeting that was actually not that morning. Then I did my case and my surgeon was an hour late. I left work at 12:30 and had to go home to pick up Leah for her orthopedic appointment. We had to get an XRAY to make sure her arm is fully healed after it had broken at birth. (Perfect by the way). Then I had to take her back home and quickly get ready to drive back downtown for Matts work Christmas Party. I missed the appropriate turn and took the LOOONNNGG way to McWanes Center. About an hour after we were there my sister, who was babysitting, called and said to come home immediately because Abby had PUS coming out of her back. WHAT???? She called the vet and we ended up giving her Benadryl and a bath when we got home, with the order to call in the morning with the update. I got in the shower with Abby at 10pm and had to wash all these pus pockets (sorry guys) off her back all the while getting an extreme allergic reaction myself to something on her back and my eyes were swollen and red and so painful I couldnt see. I just went to bed.

Friday I worked early but it was a basic day at least. Matt picked up some Prednisone and an antibiotic for Abby from the vet on his way home and we thought it was better. Oh yeah, no clue what this is by the way. Seems coincidental from them being at the vet.

The weekend has been busy with shopping and family events, but otherwise good. Abby is now losing hair and has really red spots on her back. Waiting on vet to call back and will probably have to take her tomorrow.

So, hopefully this week will have a little less drama and maybe I wont work too much! :) I just hope Abby gets better and it is not something like Mange that is contagious.

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Sara said...

Good grief....I'm exhausted just reading about your week!