Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 good nights... and then we have tonight

Wow Leah is a tough one. She is cutting her top tooth so we have been giving her motrin for the last 2 nights. And the past 2 nights have actually been great. No one has been moved to the pack n play mid night and they both slept until about 8 (today they slept until almost 9).

Still gave them a bottle though. I know I know, Ill work on it I promise.

Anyway tonight Hannah laid down and was fine as usual and Leah decided she did not want to go to sleep. We let her cry for well over an hour (ok scream uncontrollably). I finally got her and tried to rock her, at which she then wanted to play. And then I laid her down in the pack n play and turned on a movie. Movie is still going but there is no more screaming. I have to say we did hear some strange noises in there though. Like she was trying to scratch or tear her way out of the pack n play. She wasnt crying at that point so we are not sure what she was doing. Now I am wasting some time before I go in there and turn the Princess Sing A Long movie off. :)

On a different note, I am reading an interesting book. It's called "The Happiest Toddler on the Block". There is also a "Happiest Baby..." book but I didnt have time to read when they were that young and my pregnancy was spent reading twin books. I am kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type mom and end up reading things about situations I am in. Rambling. So I am reading this book and it talks about different temperaments of children and how to react to situations.

Basically there are 3 types, according to this book. Children can fall in between but will normally lean towards one over the others. They are 1) easy, 2)shy and 3) spirited. I like the word spirited by the way :)

There is a little questionnaire to do if you are unsure what category your tot falls into. But a "quick test" is this - and its funny. Put your child down in an uncrowded mall and pretend you are not watching. If he stands still, hes easy. If he clings to you, he is shy. If he runs away, he is spirited. Guess what my kids do... (we were actually at Belk).

So they are stubborn, can be defiant, passionate, do not handle change well, have BIG ups and downs, etc. That describes them to a T. I am not saying I have bad kids. I think my children are perfect. But it does explain a lot of things... mostly that I already knew. And my babies definitely have big ups and downs. They KNOW how to throw a tantrum :)

I am only about 1 third through the book but I think it is interesting so far, though I think it will be more relevant for kids above 2.

I have some more books coming in that I am interested in reading, but they are mostly about sleep habits/tricks for twin tots. I dont know how it would be different than other young kids who share a room but I thought I would try it :)

Well I thought I would share that tonight. Guess I need to go check on my youngest...