Monday, December 8, 2008

words of our days

Everyday it amazes me what these little 14 month olds know! Leah will copy everything we do now. It makes for a lot of laughs but we now really have to be careful about what we say!

Here are some of her new favorite words - or what I can think of off the top of my head...

Thank you - "Tank ooo" she says this ALL the time, but actually seems to know the meaning pretty well. She says it every time she takes a drink and hands it back to me. Or anytime she gives me anything, or we give her anything. Its so cute.

Night Night - "nigh nigh" Hannah says this word finally - she has emerged from her "d" words!

Uh Oh -"Uh ooooo" Oh my gosh both of them say this ALL THE TIME every time they fall or drop something. I am trying to explain it is not an uh oh if they drop something on purpose

Dog - "daw" this is a common one with three dogs in the house

Abby - "Abeeee" our dogs name - this really impressed her neighbor who has a daughter named Abby

Ball - "Baw" - This is more frequently said now because of all the balls on the tree

Ho Ho Ho - "Ho ho hooooo" with her lips in an exaggerated oooooo - Teacher her what Santa says of course!

Gobble Gobble - For thanksgiving - This comes out in a way I cannot even write out.

Cracker- "Cacker" a normal snack

Duck- "Duh"

Quack Quack = "Khack Khack"

Book - "Buk"

Mama and Dada

Laura - "LaLa" but it is very mangled as she works on her L's

Hi - "Hiiii" This is said while waving

Bye Bye - also said while waving

Up - said with enthusiasm. She says this when she wants out of the high chair or when we are playing the "up down" game. They stand and sit repeatedly.

Down - "Dow" Actually Hannah only says this again while playing this game.

"Juice" - Joosh - they both say this about all drinks in general

Yabba Dabba doo! - ok not really but both randomly say Yabba Dabba all the time. No clue.

Things they just know
"Rock the baby" or "Love the Baby" - they hold a doll or bear close and rock it

"Pat them gently" - they know this means to pet the dogs nicely

"no touch" - Ok they know what this means, but sometimes they push the limits here. Like when they go to the Christmas tree and hold out their hand to touch an ornament and then look back sheepishly as we say "no touch" and we can tell they are weighing their options

"get your book" - Leah will get a book and then crawl into our laps. She would read a hundred books with us if we did not have another child taking the book from her.

The garage door means Dada - So cute. I was in the nursery getting them dressed after their bath and Matt came home, opening the garage door. Immediately they started saying Dada and going to the door so they could then go to the stairs and wait on him.

"Peek a boo" - Leah doesnt necessarily cover her eyes but they both love this game. Anything that is in their hands is an object for peek a boo

"If your happy and you know it" - they clap their hands and stomp their feet

"Can I have it?" I love that they know this because they willingly give me almost anything - especially if they have something I dont want them to have

They blow kisses and make the appropriate noise

Leah blows on her food like I do to cool it down.

They wash each others hair. I love it!

I am giving Leah a lot the credit in this post since I normally share Hannah's accomplishments. Also she may be interested in walking now! As she cuts about 6 teeth and is eating a lot more lately, I told Matt she is going to start walking too. About 10 minutes later, Leah took 6 steps. And she is showing a lot more interest. Maybe she will be walking by Christmas!

Oh yeah, and both girls are really working on learning to eat with a spoon.

Oops - gotta go. Hannah is screaming randomly.