Monday, December 15, 2008

A successful Santa picture!

I cannot say that we have smiles in the picture, but at least it is not a picture of two screaming babies desperately trying to get out of Santa's arms.

The plan was to tell Santa to hide behind his chair while we approached and sat the girls in the chair. Then Santa could pop up when the time was right. The girls would never see Santa and therefore just sit in the chair unaware.

The plan worked. However, Santa, as he said does not "pop". When he tried to "pop" he pulled the chair back with him.

So the picture is sort of a startled look from the girls as the chair quickly tilted back. Also, I had given them little dissolving fruit bits as they sat down to distract them from us walking away. So they are also chewing.

The photographer was warned that it could get serious quickly and to be fast. The girls actually were happy, and probably would have smiled if they had tried to get them to, but they quickly took the picture and were done. Funny actually. So we have a picture. I do not even care :)

Santa Round 3 - 2008