Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the twins take it! Santa goes down

Well, round 2 did not go so well today. They did great in the line, and played with some other kids. But once we got up to see the big man himself, Leah held on as tight as she could to me, and started freaking out. At which point, Hannah took her cue and also started screaming. We got a quick shot before Leah squirmed out of Santa's arms...


I did not buy the professional photo since I had this one and it gets the jest of the day. But we ARE going to try one more time. My plan is to go to Brookwood this time where the girls wont recognize the chair. Santa will hide behind the chair before the girls see him, and pop out from behind it as the girls sit in the chair. If that doesnt work, there is always next year.

For those of you who are suggesting we just get in the picture with them, I tried that today as well - even though I was in scrubs. Still did not happen. The screaming starts upon sight of Santa.

Round 2 goes to the twins...