Sunday, March 23, 2008

Successful naps!

I have been struggling with nap time for a while now. Hannah just fights it so much when she is tired that I end up with a screaming baby for about 30 minutes until she wears herself out. Lately though, she has decided that she likes sleeping on her belly. This is a great thing because I cannot keep her from rolling onto her belly, so the fact that she likes it now is very nice. When she starts acting tired, I lay her in her crib on her belly with her pasi (which she normally wouldnt take) and pat her back a little and she goes right to sleep! Leah still likes to be rocked some, but is pretty easy to get down. This weekend Hannah took a good hour nap around 10 (after getting up at 8:30) and then again around 2 for about an hour and a half. Today she took three naps. 2 for about 30 minutes and then one for an hour and a half. Leah sleeps about the same. This is so wonderful! The good thing is that we went to Eli's first birthday party on Saturday, and they slept on a palate on the floor in Walkers room. I really would like them to take naps and be flexible about it. I am very happy about this new occurance and I am sure Aunt Laura will be too since she watches them so much!

This is a picture of their little sleepover at Aunt Katy and Uncle Jasons!
The girls sleep on the floor

Naptime wherever