Saturday, March 29, 2008

The First Stolen Toy

Well back from a long lay off from blogging. Allyson sure has done a good job filling in for me :).

Ok, so a little history you need before I tell this story. The girls Gammy and Dandy got them a play-mat for Christmas. On the play-mat are the typical hanging toys that all do different things. Well Leah has taken to one of these toys in particular. It is a duck head with a round orange bell body. She eats the duck, shakes the duck, she will just hold it close to her like a stuffed animal. Bottom line, it is her favorite toy right now.

Lately the girls are becoming a lot more active and a lot more aware of one another. They will hold hands, touch each others face, laugh at one another...all really fun stuff for the parents.

On Thursday night, Allyson had to work late so I had to take care of the girls (luckily I have loving parents that came over around 7 to help me out with night time routine). I had both the girls on their play-mat, and I was playing with them with there toys. Leah of course had her bell, and Hannah had either the lion or the giraffe. About 10 minutes into play mat fun they both rolled to their sides to face one another, still shaking and eating their respective toys. Hannah at this point slowly and with purpose takes her free arm, reaches over to sister grabs the duck bell and snatches it away and persists to shake it violently :).


Leah took great offense to this and started doing her really pitiful, horribly loud cry. It was truly sad, but I must admit I got a good chuckle out of the first stolen toy and temper tantrum. I mean I think if Leah could talk she would have been crying to me "SHE TOOK MY TOY DADDY, MAKE HER GIVE IT BACK!!!"

I am sure this is a glimpse of how it is going to be from now on. I want that, no I want that...but you both have one...but I want hers. Ah...I can't wait :).