Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Bath Seats

I have been anxiously awaiting the day when we can put the girls in the bath together as to shorten the bathtime routine. Also, they know that they get their bottles and get to go to sleep after their baths so whoever gets first bath tends to freak out until the second one gets out of hers. Matt is normally busy making bottles and laying out pajamas and doing all the other nightly duties that is required before they go to sleep. So to bathe them together would be wonderful! Now that they are holding their heads up so well I thought a bath seat could be a good idea! I have to say that the first night did not go so well. They kept sliding forward and slipping down. It just did not work. They started off ok but ended up in a full blown meltdown. The second night it was much better. I laid some towels down in it so they would not slide and they played with their toys while they got washed. A momentous occasion!!! Here are some pictures of the first and second nights with their new tubs. For the record, I like these seats: Safety 1st tubside bath seats.

Starting to not like the bath seat anymore

Hannah in the bath

OH NO!!!!

(can you tell she was not very happy at this moment? It was better the next night...)

Leah is ok with her bath in night two

Hannah and her rattle

Bathtime is fun!!!