Saturday, March 15, 2008

The girls have a night out! (And so does Mommy and Daddy!)

Matt and I went to the Comedy Club last night for the 9:45 show to see Henry Cho. It was a last minute plan since Laura got free tickets. Matts mom and dad came over to watch the girls since I was going to be working a little late. They agreed to have the girls spend the night with them because we would be getting home so late. I got home and packed up their bags and sent them with their wonderful grandparents. It was strange walking back in the house and they were not there. Matt and I got ready and left the house at 8:30. This was a miracle in itself. Matt made the joke that we should have just said we were going to comedy club and instead just crawled in bed. We were exhausted from being up at 5! We met Laura and a bunch of her friends at comedy club and really enjoyed the show! Henry Cho is part of the clean comedy group and was very funny. I think my sister was just proud that we were out so late! When we got home we literally dragged ourselves in bed only to be awoken around 3am with violent thunder and horrible hail. What a great night for Hannah and Leah to be out since I thought for sure they would be awake keeping their grandparents up! (They slept right through it of course). I went back to sleep and slept to a blissful 10am!! It was surreal being home and my babies not being here. Its like I cannot remember what my life was like without them. But we enjoyed our night out and our morning to sleep in no matter how much I missed them. Thank you Grammy and Dandy. They had a wonderful time!