Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Checkup at the orthopoedic doctor

Today we went for Leah's checkup appointment to make sure her arm is still healing well. I am happy to say that she is doing great and it is healing just as it should. The angulation that was there at the last appointment 3 months ago is much better and she does not have to go back again until she is a year old. I want the XRay pictures, but the office cleaned out their computers so everything is on a CD somewhere that they have to find. So hopefully I will be able to post those someday. At least the beginning one, where the bone was completely separated, and this one where it almost looks normal. I know we were so lucky to have such healthy babies but that really was tough for me when her arm was in a little cast. And even though I rarely even think about it now, her little arm will always be in the back of my mind.

I also have to mention that I was actually ON TIME for this appointment! (First one yet.) Sure it is probably because i thought the appointment was at 1:20 when it was in fact at 1:40, but maybe that is my minds way of forcing me to be on time. The girls were troopers too. I laid them back down this morning at 9:30 to give them plenty of time to get a little nap in and also allow Laura and I to go to lunch and feed them at noon before the appointment. I actually had to wake Hannah at 11 in order to go but they were both very good. We even went to Matts work to say hello to everyone, but had to make it quick because they were so tired and getting hungry. I am always so proud when we have a day out and they "behave" so wonderfully.

Ill post the XRays as soon as they find them for me! But it is safe to say that Leah's arm is just like normal.