Saturday, March 8, 2008

Poor Leah

My little Leah is not feeling too well. She has been really congested all week which has now developed into a pitiful cough. I listened to her lungs this morning and they were clear, but I called the doctor anyway to see if he would want us to come in. He did just to rule out any possible ear infection. I must say that we got off the phone with the pediatrician at 8:45 and were showered and out the door with both girls in 45 minutes! Turned out Leah just has a bad cold, which is what I figured, but my peace of mind is worth 20 dollars and its always better safe than sorry. That cough is so sad though. I want to help her and I cant. She is a little trooper even though she doesnt feel well! I just hope she gets better soon. She has not been sleeping very well, so therefore I have not been sleeping very well!
They weighed her at the doctors office though and she is catching up with her sister! She is 15lbs 12oz and Hannah is 16lbs 5oz. Maybe Hannah is just finally slowing down. :)
They are in bed asleep now. Hopefully they will stay that way until 9am - with this lovely time change. Pray Leah gets better soon!

This isnt really related but we took these pictures the other day so I had to add them because I think they are adorable.

Smiles!!!  (I LOVE this pic!!!)