Monday, March 10, 2008

Protective Momma

Its funny, because being a nurse I know just enough to be paranoid about some things and nonchalant about others. I am being over protective Mama right now over a little cold. Today Leah started wheezing, and based on the fact that I know how awful it is to feel like that since I have asthma, I worry. So since the doctor told me to call him if anything changed with her, I did. I listened to her lungs this morning and heard some wheezes in the lower areas, but I wasnt sure if it was residual noises from her nasal passages or not. I didnt think he would want to see her, and again we are doing all we can do but I feel so bad for her. It was another rough night getting her to sleep tonight. When she cries it makes her wheezing and congestion a lot worse. Good thing is she is not labored in her breathing, she is eating fine, and there has been no fever yet. For now she is actually fine and I am just feeling bad for her. It makes me want to hold her forever and make the discomfort go away. Well she is awake again... Duty calls. Hopefully she will finally go down for good because I have to be at work around 6 tomorrow.
Had something else to say but I will save it for later!