Monday, March 24, 2008

Hannah holds her bottle!

Hannah is really working hard on holding her bottle, which I am so ready for. She does better with the small bottle with a little water, or when her big bottle is almost empty. We really worked on it today with water and a small amount of apple juice. I figured it would entice her to hold it. Laura got upset that I did not give Leah any apple juice, but I just thought that she shouldnt get juice until she can hold it herself. (OK, we gave her a little) :)

Anyway, Hannah sat in her high chair today and did a GREAT job with the small bottle of juice. I just have to hold the bottle in front of her and she will take both her hands and pull the it to her mouth. She kept it there for a pretty long time too! I am just so proud. I have a few pics from the other day when she was attempting to hold her big bottle (though it was empty) but I will get some more as she gets better at it.

As many feedings as I have done holding two bottles at once, though I dont have to do as many now with my sisters help during the day, it will be a welcome change to just hold one until Leah takes some initiative! Leah, by the way, just enjoys being fed, and held, so right now she is not ready for any change! :)

Hannah holds her bottle

Its hard work!

I am getting good at it!