Sunday, January 6, 2008

We made it through the holidays!

It has definitely been busy around the McCay household. I know it has been a while since either of us has posted, but there just is not a lot of time that I can sit in front of the computer! I may get better about it though now that I have started work and my sister is our "employee". :) But more on that in a minute.

December was crazy. Thats the best word to describe it. Somehow we did manage to get our Christmas tree up and some other decorations, though we never got around to putting one light up outside. (We were the scrooge house on the street I guess). We did all our Christmas shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond or online. I realized how hard shopping was going to be when Laura and I went to Belk and I put some undershirts in the stroller while I looked at something else and walked right out of the store with them. (Yes I went back and paid for them but we didnt realize it until we walked about 7 stores down).

The girls were especially enamored with the lights on the tree. I was sad to take it down! Santa did not really come for the girls this year. They got a cabbage patch doll since Matt and I took a nice trip to Helen Ga, thanks to my in laws for keeping the girls! But their grandparents were especially generous and we now realize we will have to make the office a playroom sooner than later.

To tell you the truth I did not want Christmas to come because I knew that one week later I would then return to work, so the entire month of December ended up being one big doomsday countdown. I did not think I would have such a hard time with it, since I have always been very career oriented and love my job. Come tuesday, Jan 1st though, the night before my dreaded return, I was bawling because I so did not want to leave my precious angels. On top of that, I was very nervous about actually doing my job after being gone for 4 months!

I started off with a really hard case, and made it through, so i felt a little better. I was definitely rusty but it somehow managed to come back to me. Laura got her first full day of watching the girls. They all did fine, not that I thought there would be a problem since she is a pro at this point.

For the latest news, given the fact that I am always upstairs with the girls, we decided to put a tv above the fireplace and got new furniture for our living room. This is my new room and I am very excited about it. We did end up with a hole in our ceiling from where the audio video wiring guy stepped through it, but it is patched now and soon will be sanded and painted. Other than that the room looks great and the girls have ample room to play and watch Baby Einstein (which they LOVE).

I will try to be more up to date in my postings now since I may have time at work every now and then. Maybe that way I can add more daily stories that are humerous to us. Hard to believe the girls are 3 months old!!! They are growing so fast!

Ok, Hannah is crying now - she is our more needy child. Til next time!