Monday, January 21, 2008

The Room

Not many guys ever get to experience the day their wife comes to them and says I want a TV for the upstairs...what you didnt realize in your dazed and confused state is she also said I want new furniture and a new rug as well.

So this Christmas Allyson and I both did not do gifts instead we spent a lot more money than we would have getting gifts and completely redid the upstairs living room. Which included a tv, new couches and a new rug. Since the girls set up (swings, seats, play mat, food source) is all upstairs, it really did make a lot of sense, not to mention the current furniture we had made the room really really small.

So under the guise of the girls we now have a more functional upstairs room, that we now use more often than our downstairs room. All and all it really is a good decision, and we really have enjoyed it.

Then there was this weekend. We are sitting down and settling in for winter storm 2008 :), when the tv just goes off...Great. On any usual day this would be fine, we would just use the other tv till this one got fixed. But this is "The Room" now, and we cannot be denied. So after finding out it would be a min of 10 days to get the tv fixed, i called Wal-mart where I found out they have a 90 day return policy. So the girls loving grandfather at 8:30 at night got up and came over and helped me take the tv off the wall return it and remount the new one. What a granddad!!!!!!! To add guilt to it the next day he got sick...most likely due to standing out in the cold getting that tv packed and unpacked.

While not a big story about the is a good story about their granddad and how much he loves them and us, plus like we said the room is all about the girls ;).