Friday, January 11, 2008

My funny addition to the Christmas update.

Since Allyson is showing me up, I figured i needed to post, especially since she missed one of the funniest moments of the holidays...well at least for us it was.

Starting on the Saturday before Christmas, we basically drug the kids all over town, ripping them out of the routine the are used to, i dont use schedule because we are not quite there we will say routine. They really did great, were troopers the entire time, but on Christmas Eve night, both had officially had enough, especially little Ms. Hannah. We started to pack up the car to leave the Sizemore's and head home, Laura was riding with us since we would all be returning there the next morning. Basically we got them in the car, all is well, the minute the car started to move, the engines revved up, and I am not talking about the car. Hannah was crying at the top of her lungs with basically only breaks to take a deep breath and start all over again. Attempts at the pacifier failed, music alas you basically have to let her sit there and scream, unless you wanted to pull a Britney Spears or something. From the Sizemore's to our door is about 20 me it felt like at least 60. So we trudged on driving to the house, basically turning the music up trying to drown out the crying, all that did was serve to make my headache worse. No body talked, no singing of Christmas carols, just sat there trying not to pull out our hair, when from the back the only words of the night were spoken by Laura...

"This has to be the longest 20 minutes of my life!"

For some reason this struck us all hilarious and we could not stop laughing. In the stress of that drive, no one talked, no one sang, no one slept...but just one single sentence was said.

It might not sound that funny...but I guess you had to be there, and i am sure most parents can sympathize.