Monday, January 21, 2008

Prayers for the Burgess's

Only four months into being a father, the impact of this weekends tragic event hit hard with me. My prayers and thoughts are with the Burgess's and all families who have experienced the unexplainable loss of a child.

After I found out I sat thinking for quite some time what would I do, would I be strong, would I be strong in my faith, would I ever be able to forgive myself. You hope your answers to those questions is yes, but when it is your child things just become different. You always knew that things would be different when you had your own, but no one could ever prepare you for the level that it affects you. We will never understand the kind of love our God has for us, but the love we have for our children has to be the closest thing to understanding how much God loves us. And seeing the pain and sorrow families go through during loss, gives us a small glimpse of the pain and sorrow that our Father has when he loses one of us, when we turn our back on him. It really does make you evaluate where am I right now.

My heart literally aches for their family, the loss they are experiencing I cannot imagine nor do I ever want to imagine it. I know through everything His Glory is revealed, and I hope that Rick and Sherri found some comfort in that.

I am not the best with words or thoughts in situations like this, but bottom line is people want to ask why, but it is not for us to ask why, it is for us to follow him with blind faith, like the faith of a child. And there is great victory is knowing that Bronner followed Jesus on Saturday night and joined our Father and his son our savior, Jesus Christ, in Heavan.

Bronner Burgess Memorial Donation Site