Friday, January 18, 2008

She learned to press the button!

Allyson had to be at work early this morning, so after Hannah woke up we put her in the bed with us, until Leah wakes up. Leah decided to sleep a little later, so I took Hannah and held her in bed until Leah woke up around 5:30. Most of the time at this point we kind of wait till they are really up, because they tend to make noise for quite some time while they wake up. At about 5:40 i hear the music go on from her noise maker in her crib. This is not a new thing, she has been known to push the button when she stretches or kicks her feet. Then the music went off! Great batteries must be dead! Then the music came on again. Then off again, then on again, then off again, then on again. At this point you start to hear a couple koos and what we have defined as her laugh right now. It finally occured to me she has learned to press the button. Now I dont read the books about where they should be developmentally, but this was awesome to me, and heck tonight she might and most likely will forget what the big blue button does, but for a 15 minute period she learned to press the button. As a daddy I could not have been more proud, I wish her mom would have been there to hear it.

Then all that fuzzy good moment ended when she started to was time to feed!