Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Allyson's side of the beginning

I had to add my two cents about all this!

Finding out:
Ok, so it was my first month off birth control. That means its normal to feel queezy and like you have been overdosed with benadryl, right? Well thats what I thought the whole weekend before I took the test. I went to see my grandparents and have never been more tired in all my life. I hoped that these could be signs of being pregnant, but honestly I didnt think it could be true. I drove home from their house and almost fell asleep on the road. The next day I was on the phone with my mom and had an uncalled-for reaction to something she said. I randomly started crying and she asked what the heck was wrong with me! I wasn't going to take a test that early because I did not want to get a false negative, but I couldnt resist. The tests say that the line may be lighter than the control but that was definitely not the case. A minute later and I had two very dark pink lines - (maybe that should have been a sign). I thought about waiting before I told Matt; find a way to be creative, but he was not going to be home until after 10pm! That was about 8 hours away and there is no WAY i can keep something that long. So I had to call him at work and was so excited I sounded like I was crying. That of course worried him, but when I finally got through that I was pregnant he called me back from outside his office and we got to talk about our happy news!

Our First Appointment:
Matt pretty much summed this one up. It was one of the happiest and most shocking news I have ever heard. Who would have thought, Matt and I - with no history of twins in the family- would have twins. I wanted to shout to the world but we had to wait to tell the family!

Since then:
I am 13 weeks pregnant now and we have had two appointments so far. Our third is this Thursday and we will hear the heartbeats! At about 12 weeks (which is so cliche) I finally started to feel better after 7 weeks of throwing up everything I ate. I lost 4 pounds and have gained 3 back. But at least now I am eating again! We had a little get together in the neighborhood this past weekend because I was once again able to entertain. To tell you the truth it was rough for those weeks, but I am so happy I am feeling better now and have a renewed spring in my step! I feel like in the last 2 days I kind of popped - my belly got a little bigger all of a sudden... guess I still have a lot of growing to do but it makes it that much more real. :)