Thursday, May 3, 2007

How it becomes so much more real.

We had our 13 week and two day appointment today. It was exciting to know we were going to get to hear the heart beat, but nothing can really prepare you for it. I mean we have seen it on the screen, so how much more different can hearing it be?

And I am sure it takes it being your child's heartbeat to really appreciate it, but hearing it makes it so much more of a reality. It is one more step toward the day you will actually be able to hold and touch your child. I am sure it sounds sappy and cheesy, but for me it was an awesome experience.

We asked if you could hear both babies hearts separately, but the nurse explained why you couldn't at this time, so Dr. Ross let us take a peak at them and make sure everything is ok with both. Babies are doing great; they grew 2.5 inches in the past month. So right now Allyson has 7 inches of baby in her :).

Baby A
Baby A - 13 Weeks

Baby B
Baby B - 13 Weeks

Our next appointment will be the big one where we get to check out the heart and other things as well as find out the sex of the babies. So stay tuned, its getting really really cool now!