Friday, May 11, 2007

Buying Clothes for a Pregnant Woman

I have always been pretty good at buying Allyson clothes (not sure if I should admit that or not), but when I went to purchase Allyson some clothes for our upcoming Disney trip, I found myself in a very interesting position.

If you go too small, it will then highlight in her mind that she is gaining a tummy, if you go too big, then alas she will think that you think she is getting big. So it was a very delicate process of holding things up and checking the stores sizes. Man how I wish sizes were consistent across the board; it would make life a lot easier.

Alas, I decided on a few shirts, and after she tried on the first shirt I had already gotten one with the wrong size. Oh well! Luckily Allyson is in the I am happy to be showing phase. Although that might be quickly changing...last night she pointed at her stomach and was yelling(jokingly of course) "Look how big I am getting, I am getting bigger by the day!" I cracked up of course.

What can a husband say at this point, she knows I am lying if I say she isn't any bigger, so all you can do is laugh and tell her she is awesome and very beautiful.