Monday, May 7, 2007

A playmate for the twins!

I just wanted to say that I am super excited because we just found out that some good friends of ours are pregnant! She is 5 weeks, so just 9 weeks behind me! It will be fun to have someone else going through this whole experience with me! So everyone be praying that all goes well with them and their new baby! I know my two will enjoy having another rugrat to play with!

On another note, I was in a wedding this weekend and realized that I am officially no longer in a size 6 bridesmaids dress! Though I did manage to get it on (with Matts help) I was not able to breathe for 8 hours... When we got in the car after the reception, Matt unzipped me about 4 inches and for the first time that day I took a deep breath! invigorating! But I was able to wear it, and its not like I have to get back into it any time soon, so all is well! And so for anyone who knows her, congratulations to Sarah Muzer who is now Sarah Knighten! :)